Gather as Family / Komum Fjölskyldunni Saman

At the Icelandic Festival, it does’t matter who you are or where you’re from. We are all family. We all feel the love and acceptance that runs through the festival bringing us closer to our own respective family and friends. As the Gimli sun beats down on our faces, we become a community of honorary Icelanders.

Let’s all join together August 3-6, 2018 to celebrate Icelandic culture, heritage, and the joy of Islendingadagurinn. Come gather as Icelanders, gather as family.

Creative Approach

This concept utilizes a collaging technique to visually translate the confluence of our differences to create a look and feeling that is rich, dynamic and celebratory. By putting together various images of the festival at the core, the graphic treatment becomes an invitation to people of all backgrounds to free their inner viking spirit and to join their Icelandic family in Gimli. The vibrant explosion of splashes, strokes and runes illustrate and convey the tone and feeling of family, inclusiveness and a coming togetherness.