Sandcastle Contest

Date: Saturday
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Gimli Beach, North of the Main Dock
Registration: 9:30 AM, Free entry 

*2021 event details are to be confirmed at a later date, pending public health restrictions.*

Virtual Sandcastles 

Bring your shovels, pails, creativity, and participate in this free and fun event. Build your sandcastle, anywhere, anytime, and submit photos to between July 16th and July 30th, 2021

Open to everyone. You may enter as a single participant or as a team. Teams formed with younger children will be categorized according to the age of the oldest participant.

How to Enter

  • Carefully read through all of the rules below.
  • Submit your sandcastle photos to between July 16th and July 30th, 2021 along with the Sandcastle Registration Form - coming soon 
  • Label the photos with your family last name. Please submit photos no larger than 5MB in size with a limit of 4 photos per entry.


  • If parents wish to direct children's activities, please enter the family category.
  • Structure must be made of sand, but implements may be used to build it.
  • Sturctures / Sculptures can be decorated with accessories (natural or artificial).
  • Any colouring used must be environmentally friendly (i.e. Food colouring spray, coloured rice, etc)

Be COVID careful! Participate with members of your household only, keep a safe social distance from others and wash/sanitize your hands when needed.

Judging is based on 5 elements:

  1. Size
  2. Sculpting
  3. Originality
  4. Accessories
  5. Overall effect (if the structure is 3-dimensional, etc.)


  • Pink Group 11 years of age and under.
    (Prizes - IFM Gift Cards - $25 1st prize, 2nd prize $20, 3rd prize $15)
  • Blue Group 12-15 years of age.
    (Prizes - IFM Gift Cards - $25 1st prize, 2nd prize $20, 3rd prize $15)
  • Yellow Group (family) 16 years of age and older or else a family group.
    (Prizes - IFM Gift Cards - $35 1st prize, 2nd prize $20, 3rd prize $15)
  • Competitive Open Any age combination welcome.
    (Prizes - IFM Gift Cards - $35 1st prize, 2nd prize $20, 3rd prize $15)

2020 Winners

Green Category - 1st place "Ralph"
Pink Category - 1st place "Erupted Volcano in Iceland" 2nd Place "Aspen Johnson"
Blue Category - 1st place "Hammerhead" 2nd Place "Turtle Town" 3rd Place "Sandy Hook Dreamers"
Yellow Category - 1st Place "Heima Er Best" 2nd Place "Sandily Distance" 3rd Place "Hungry Hippos"

Visit our Facebook page and see all of the Sandcastle entries.

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