Family Scavenger Hunt

Participate in our Family Scavenger Hunt contest and submit your entry to between August 4th and August 7th, 2023.

Successful entries will be entered to win a $30 gift card at the Icelandic Festival Gift shop.

Put on your Viking hat and explore the town of Gimli to find the answer to our Scavenger Hunt questions. 

2023 Scavenger Hunt 

1. Ever heard of Huldufólk? The two little elves in town living in the RM school attic when no one is around? When spelling our names “S” is a clue, put them down and see how you do. Who are we?

2. I have a big mouth and can rumble and tumble to keep things clean. What is the name and address and where am I seen?

3. Ears help you hear; eyes help you look. What is the name where you may find books?

4. Icelandic flags are red, white, and blue. How many do you see looking at the waterfront building around you?

5. I have a face that does not frown and hands that do not wave. I have no mouth but move around on the dock where I can be found. What is the name of the building that has a clock on a mural on the dock?

6. I spray water all around. 4th street is where I am found. Special fun, special date. What year is on the park gate?

7. I once flew in the air, grounded now, no more ride. What is the number on my side?

8. Find one at the beach. It is sometimes a hard feat. Having one with a hole is neat. What am I called?

9. Down by the dock these guys go ribbit and they are green. How many in the pond have you seen?

10. Murals are many, on the dock they are found. Count how many are all around.

Thank you to the Sawers family for creating our annual scavenger hunt. 

Congrats to the 2022 Winner

West Family (Chris, Heather, Colton and Hazel) 

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