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Megi tengslin á milli Íslands og Nýja Íslands, ávalt verða farsæl
May the connections between Iceland and New Iceland be forever celebrated

By donating to the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, you can give a gift that builds community and lasts for generations.

Commemorate your loved ones and milestone moments in your own named space in Viking Park or the Viking Park Connectivity Project.

Your donation will also ensure that the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba can host a family-friendly, four-day event for little or no cost so everyone can be a Viking during Islendingadagurinn.

The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba (IFM), together with its partner, the RM of Gimli, is pleased to release new concept drawings and descriptions of the Viking Park Connectivity Project.

Viking Park

The Viking Park Story

In 2014, Islendingadagurinn commemorated 125 years of celebrating Icelandic history, culture, and its contribution to life in Manitoba. In honour of this milestone anniversary, the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba’s 125 Legacy Cabinet Committee worked with our partners, the R.M. of Gimli and Betel Home Foundations to create Viking Park (completed in 2017) and the Viking Park Connectivity Project. (completed in 2021). Consultation and support from residents, cottagers, visitors and others help to forge these uniquely Icelandic spaces.

Viking Park is comprised of fully accessible walkways that are inscribed with commemorative messages and greetings from people like you who donated to make the park a reality. Visitors can now walk among trolls, elves and portions of the old breakwater set among gardens filled with Indigenous plants, grasses and flowers. The park has been described as a ‘gem’ in Manitoba, reflecting the history and culture of the community, and tells the story of Gimli and its Icelandic heritage on a backlit heritage wall.

Read about the latest Viking Park updates (May 2021)


The Connectivity Project began in 2017 after the completion of Viking Park and is every bit as meaningful. The project connects Viking Park to the main harbour area in Gimli, the Heart of New Iceland. These tree-lined pathways and sidewalks provide safer passage in a park-like setting. The Breakwater Timber Boardwalk, and special commemorative areas such as the rejuvenated Cenotaph and the creation of the Fjallkona Walkway, are also special expressions of the unique culture and heritage of Gimli. Wayfinding markers make the town more navigable for visitors and add charm to Gimli’s attractive downtown.

Your donation to the Icelandic Festival will be acknowledged with a named space that will tell your story for generations! Your donation will also contribute to the Festival’s endowment fund. The endowment fund supports the Festival’s Mission to promote and sustain interest in Icelandic culture and descent, primarily through an annual family-oriented festival. Interest raised through the endowment funds helps offset the cost of the festival, ensuring that we can continue to offer our events at low, or not cost, so that everyone can be Icelandic at heart during the four days of Islendingadagurinn.

Viking Park

Viking Park


Both Viking Park and the Connectivity Project have created storied canvasses to mark meaningful moments in our lives. Tell your story and support the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba.

There are ongoing opportunities to recognize your family or bestow a dedication to a milestone in your life or the life of a loved one, on a plaque on the Timber Boardwalk, a Settlement Marker or a bench. All donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Donate online. For more information, please contact the office at (204) 642-7417 or info@icelandicfestival.com 

Campaign Cabinet Co-Chairs: Grant Stefanson and Kathi Thorarinson Neal

Campaign Members: J.Timothy Samson, Tim Arnason, Arni Thorsteinson, Ernest Stefanson and Lorna Tergesen. Dr. Ken Thorlakson (Advisor).

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Viking Park

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