President's Message


Thank you for "Celebrating New Iceland" with us. We have many things to celebrate this year. Since last August we completed a rebranding of the festival, launched a fantastic and very successful new website and welcomed many new members and volunteers.

We have been working hard with our partners, RM of Gimli and Betel Homes on Viking Park and are readying tenders currently.

 This weekend we celebrate the “New” in both the country of Iceland and our little corner of the world. We can celebrate the amazing run Iceland had at the 2016 Euro Cup, the election of a new President in Iceland (with a Canadian First Lady), the rise of contemporary Icelandic Music and Art around the world.

We celebrate Dr. Ryan Eyford, and the release of his book "White Settler Reserve" as well as the accomplishments of Núna (now) - which turned 10 years old this year. The work of the Icelandic River Heritage Sites and all being done by the organizers deserves applause. The Snorri Program and Icelandic Camp - are just a few of the amazing things our community has accomplished around the world.

This June, I spent a week back "home" in Iceland and I can tell you, Iceland really does feel like home. Our brothers and sisters welcomed us with open arms, as they are welcoming over 1.5 million tourists this year alone.

So please join me in welcoming all our brothers and sisters from Iceland celebrating with us festival weekend.

Let’s celebrate our festival, celebrate all that is new! And finally celebrate the next generation that will carry on this long and honoured tradition.

Icelandic Festival of Manitoba President, 2016-2017
Robbie Rousseau