Fris-Nok Tournament

Date: Sunday, August 4th
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Gimli Park (North Side)
Registration: 12:00 PM, $10 per team

A home-grown sport developed by Cam Arnason to fill the spare time available while going out hunting / fishing one year. It has really caught on and tournaments are now held throughout the Interlake. The equipment needed is very simple: a post, an empty bottle, and a Frisbee. The bottle is balanced on the top of the post and the idea of the game is to knock it off with the Frisbee.

The skills displayed in attacking and defending are quite remarkable and make this an excellent spectator sport.

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Rules of Fris-Nok

Players: Fris-Nok may be played either singles or doubles. Doubles is the popular form. In either case, the court and rules are identical.

Equipment: Two Fris-Nok posts, two empty bottles, and one Fris-Nok disc (Frisbee).

Court: Fris-Nok posts are placed in zones 30 feet (9.15M) apart. There must be room for vigorous activity in the area surrounding the zones. A Fris-Nok bottle is placed on each post. In windy conditions it may be necessary to add some water or sand to the bottles. The distance between the two posts may be reduced to 20 feet for children or inexperienced players.

Object: All games are to five points. A point is scored when:

  • The Bottle is struck and the defending team fails to catch both the bottle and the Frisbee.
  • The Fris-Nok disc strikes the post and the defending team fails to catch the bottle. In the case of a post hit, it is not necessary to catch the disc.
  • A player accidentally knocks his/her bottle to the ground.

Play: A coin is tossed to begin play. The team who wins the toss has the choice of end of court or first throw. Each team takes up its position behind the post in the zone it is to defend; players alternate throws A1, B1, A2, B2.

Penalties: When throwing (serving the disc) a player must not step over the foul line. If he/she does the throw is dead. If the Fris-Nok disc strikes the ground before the foul line, the player next to throw on the receiving team is awarded an extra throw. He/she throws twice instead of once. If the receiving team fails to catch the Fris-Nok disc before it touches the ground, they must return the disc to the thrower, who is awarded an extra throw.

Note: No penalty is assessed if the throw is unreasonably high or wide. A throw is unreasonable if neither receiver can reach the disc by extending his/her arms to full length while remaining in bounds (both feet in receiving zone).

Goaltending: A player may not catch the Fris-Nok disc before it crosses the foul line. If he/she does, a free throw is awarded to the player who made the throw. If it is likely that the disc would have hit the Fris-Nok bottle or the Fris-Nok post, a point is awarded instead of an extra throw. A player must not touch the bottle before either the bottle or post is struck. If he/she does so, a point is awarded to the throwing team.

The judge's decision is final.

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