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Join us August long weekend for the 127th Annual Islendingadagurinn on July 29th 30th, 31st & August 1st, 2016. Visit the heart of New Iceland, Gimli, Manitoba - just 1 hour North of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and celebrate family, friends and Icelandic heritage and culture.

Islendingadagurinn, as far as we have been able to determine, is the second oldest continuous ethnic festival in North America. Velkomin (welcome), and enjoy the food, events, activities and of course, the Vikings!

The 2015 Icelandic Festival of Manitoba Fjallkona is Linda F Sigurdson Collette. The Fjallkona "Lady of the Mountain", is the female incarnation (national personification) of Iceland.

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News & Upcoming Events
  • Welcome to our new President, Robbie Rousseau, Executive Director, Chris Brown, and to our new board members; Larry Dewar, Kris Delbaere, Brett Lamoureux and Marilyn Valgardson
  • We would like to recognize and thank our former Executive Director, Shelley Narfason, and board members who stepped down this year; Tim Arnason, Robert Arnason, Cameron Arnason, Janice Arnason and Cindy Sylvester.  
  • Looking for event chairs for Amma's Kitchen, Parade and Family Sports
  • Manitoba Government honours Icelandic Festival of Manitoba with Star Celebration designation as an event that showcases our unique Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Identity. Only 4 events in Manitoba garnered this designation. 
  • Icelandic Festival honoured with American Bus Association selection as one of 4 Manitoba events to make their Top 100 Events in North America List for 2016
  • Listen to our 2015 Islendingadagurinn Performer Playlist on YouTube!
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  • 2015 Culture and Heritage Pavilion Table App
  • The Gimli Viking is getting a facelift - Read More
  • 2015 Craft/ Food/ Commercial/ Not for Profit Space Application Form
  • Find out where the events are located with our Gimli Site Map
  • 2015 Art Show Application Form 
  • 2015 Road Race Application Form
  • 2015 Parade Application Form
  • 2015 Beach Volleyball Application Form

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