Donations for the park for Pathway Stones and Garden Markers made after April 27, 2018 will be installed in the park in 2019.

Viking Park Update 2018: Viking Park weathered the winter well and the elves are busy cleaning up their houses. Most of the perennials, shrubs and trees are in full bloom. Some plants will be replaced in June.  

Phase 1A of Viking Park got off to a great start last year and will be completed in June and July with the development of another pathway with a mix of donor-engraved and blank pathway stones.  

Planning for Phase 2 of Viking Park is underway. We are now consulting with stakeholders in the harbour area about the best path forward (pun intended!) for all. Stay tuned for more announcements as things progress with Phase 2 of Viking Park.

Click here for the latest Viking Park update - July 2018 

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In 2014, Islendingadagurinn commemorated 125 years of celebrating Icelandic history, culture, and its contribution to life in Manitoba. In honour of this milestone anniversary, we have worked with our partners to create a park around the famous Gimli Viking statue. 

After consulting with the R.M. of Gimli, Betel Home Foundation and the local community, the Icelandic Festival, together with HTFC Planning & Design and Shelmerdine has created a park that: 

  • Pays tribute to the tenacious spirit of the Icelandic settlers
  • Enables a universally accessible journey that everyone can take together 
  • Embeds interactive information into the landscape and generate a greater understanding of the history of Gimli and of Icelandic culture 
  • Creates an inter-generational ‘nature/culture/play’ environment for kids of all ages  

The Viking Statue was erected in 1967 by the Gimli Chamber of Commerce. Thousands of tourists visit the statue and the surrounding area, every year. We believe that the area surrounding the Viking should be an appropriate reflection of this inspirational landmark. Because the statue was installed, in part, to celebrate Canada’s Centenary, it is fitting that the new park opened in August 2017, in conjunction with Canada’s 150th birthday. 

All donations over $125 receive ‘named space’ in the park. As well as helping to create this beautiful and vibrant green space, your donation will be invested to ensure the Icelandic Festival can continue to provide family-friendly events at low or no cost, so people of all income levels can enjoy Icelandic culture and heritage for generations to come.

Click the links below to see the architectural drawings and find out more about opportunities to pay tribute to your family, friends and ancestors, and become a lasting part of the Park through pathway stones, steps, benches, settlement markers and more.

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Campaign Cabinet Co-Chairs:
Grant Stefanson and Kathi Thorarinson Neal

Campaign Members:  J.Timothy Samson, Tim Arnason, Arni Thorsteinson, Ernest Stefanson and Lorna Tergesen. Dr. Ken Thorlakson (Advisor).

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