Make History with Us!

Donate: Help to keep Islendingadagurinn events low to no cost for years to come. Your donation is vital in sustaining the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba. Fill out the form below to donate a set amount or type in a custom amount. 

Pathway Stone: Donate $125 or more and receive a Pathway Stone in Viking Park. Forge your name and message on a Pathway Stone and help create a park that will inspire future Vikings! Pathway Stones provide permanent recognition of a milestone in the life of a loved one. Tribute gifts, anniversaries, graduations and more, share your history with us!  Click to select a stone below and inscribe your personal message.  

*Please note that stones purchased between April 27, 2018 and May 3, 2019 will be installed in Viking Park in 2019. Stones purchased after that time period will be installed in 2020*

  • Small Pathway Stone

    Small Pathway Stone
  • Medium Pathway Stone

    Medium Pathway Stone
  • Large Pathway Stone

    Large Pathway Stone