Takk / thanks to everyone that attended our AGM today in Gimli.

We honored long-time retiring parks and property members, Danny Luprypa, Joey Wilkinson (absent) and Lyle Eyjolfson with Life Member awards for 20+ years of service.

Announced a surplus from the 2022 festival which will be dispersed into festival savings, operations and new events and improvements

Welcomed our new executive and directors for 2023 - Marilyn Valgardson (President), Sigrun Asmundsson (Vice President), Jorunn Thordarson (2nd Vice-President), Eric G. Stefanson (Treasurer) Angela Collins (Secretary), Jenna Boholij (Past President), Grant Stefanson, Brett Lamoureux, Joel Fridfinnsson, Robbie Rousseau, Signy Thorsteinson, Stefan Arnason, Larry Dewar

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