We are excited to reveal the theme for our 134th Islendingadgaurinn

"Celebrating a Century of the Fjallkona / Fögnum Heilli Öld Af Fjallkonunni" 

2024 Festival Dates: August 2, 3, 4, 5 

In 2024 we celebrate the 100th festival Fjallkona, the female incarnation of Iceland that presides over Íslendingadagurinn.
The design concept is a modern adaptation of the 19th century Watercolour of the Lady of the Mountain, 1864, by Johann Baptist Zwecker reimagined. 

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Via New Iceland Heritage Museum - “The Fjallkona is perhaps the most important symbol of Icelandic heritage and culture. The Fjallkona originates from the imagery of a poem written by Eggert Olafsson around 1750 and published in 1832. Olafsson characterizes Iceland as a woman who is adorned with pride and beauty:

To paraphrase:
Then I was in fullest flower
Dressed in gold and jewelry fine
Radiant with pride empowered
Touched by the rays of the sun.
My glacial skirts glistening elegantly,
Green attire and crystal bands
Clothed and adorned me.”

Thank you to our wonderful design partner and sponsor Honest Agency for this inspiring and beautiful theme.