Icelandic Culture and Heritage Pavilion

Jul 31, 2022 to Aug 7, 2023

Sunday, August 6th, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday, August 7th, Noon - 4:00 PM

Location: Gimli Park Categories: Arts & Culture, Entertainment

Icelandic Culture and Heritage Pavilion

Date: Sunday, August 6th, Monday, August 7th
Time: Sunday. 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday, Noon to 4:00 PM
Location: Gimli Park Pavilion

Do you want to learn more about Icelandic culture? Visit the Icelandic Culture and Heritage Pavilion at the Gimli Park Pavilion on Icelandic Festival Sunday and Monday.

The pavilion features Iceland-inspired art and crafts, clothes, new and used books, coffee and traditional baking available for purchase, as well as displays from local and international clubs and heritage groups

Join us for interactive workshops and activities to immerse yourself in Icelandic and New Icelandic Culture. Activities begin on the hour and are free of charge, craft supplies may be limited.

2022 Activities (2023 Coming Soon)

Paint a Huldufólk  house to make a home for Iceland’s hidden people in your garden.

Listen to “The Story of the Gimli Huldufólk,” and don’t miss a rare opportunity to meet Huldufólk Snorri and Snæbjörn themselves! 

Hear from New Iceland Fisheries about the history of fishing culture on Lake Winnipeg, see a demonstration of a jigger used to set a net underneath the ice, learn how to properly peel a smoked Goldeye and sample it too.

Discover how a picture is really worth a hundred words. Join science illustrator and naturalist Dr. Heather Hinam as she shares stories of the Lake Winnipeg ecosystem and watershed using illustrations that she created for the mural that adorns the Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre.

Learn how to make the classic Icelandic dessert pönnukökur, pour and flip it yourself, roll it up with sugar and eat it hot off the pan!

Enjoy readings from New Icelandic authors W.D. Valgardson and DR.Ryan Eyford, facilitated by Lorna Tergesen.

Learn from Kelly the Viking Merchant about the history of Viking exploration in North America and ask your questions to an expert in Viking Culture.

Steep yourself in Iceland’s coffee culture by sewing your own ‘Icelandic Coffee Bag’ to take home, and learn this method of preparation from members of  Icelandic River Roast Coffee.

Learn about the science and magic of Lake Winnipeg’s lucky stones, and make your own lucky stone necklace.

Learn about the history of Icelandic magic practices and beliefs, and learn how to draw an ancient sigil for the spell of your choice.

Click here to apply to be a Cultural vendor. 

Enjoy our Icelandic Culture and Heritage videos

Amma's Kitchen

  • Making Pönnukökur with Connie and Laurel
  • Making Rullupylsa with Kenny and Glenn
  • Baking Vínarterta with Grétar

Kaffi Tími - Conversations in Icelandic

The Mystery of Writing with Yrsa Sigurðardóttir


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