Sandcastle Contest

CATEGORIES: Entertainment, Contests

LOCATION: Gimli Beach North

Thank you to our sponsor Winnipeg James Richardson International Airport 

Registration: 9:30 AM Gimli Beach, North of the main dock. 

Bring your shovels, pails and creativity and participate in this free and fun event. 
Contest takes place on Gimli Beach, North of the main dock, prizes will be awarded for best entries.

Open to everyone. You may enter as a single or as a team. Teams formed with younger children will be categorized according to the age of the oldest participant.


  • All groups start at 10:00 AM
  • If parents wish to direct children's activities, please enter the family category
  • Structure must be made of sand, but implements may be used to build it
  • Sculptures can be decorated with accessories (natural or artificial)
  • Any colouring used must be environmentally friendly (i.e. Food colouring spray, coloured rice, etc)

Judging is based on 5 categories:

  • Size
  • Sculpting
  • Originality
  • Accessories
  • Overall effect (if the structure is 3-dimensional, etc)


Pink Group 11 years of age and under.
3/4 hour (45 mins) time limit allowed.
Group Cash Prizes: 1st - $35, 2nd - $25, 3rd - $15

Blue Group 12-15 years of age
1 1/4 hour time limit (1 hr, 15 mins)
Group Cash Prizes: 1st - $50, 2nd - $40, 3rd - $30

Yellow Group (family) 16 years of age and older or else a family group.
2 hour time limit
Group Cash Prizes: 1st - $75, 2nd - $50, 3rd - $35

Competitive Open Any age combination welcome.
2 hour time limit
Group Cash Prizes: 1st - $90, 2nd - $60, 3rd - $40

Dates: 04-08-2018

Registration - 9:30 AM, Start - 10:00 AM