Family Sports

CATEGORIES: Entertainment, Sports, Contests

LOCATION: Gimli Park

Thank you to our sponsor Neil Bardal Funeral Centre

Bring the whole family to the park to enjoy a variety of sport activities for the kids!

Family sports begins at 12:20 PM with races that alternate from boys to girls, starting with 1 year girls and then 1 year old boys. For each age group the start line is moved back about ten feet until we get to the 17 year olds. 

We then run the adult men and women followed by the Amma and Afi Amble.

Next is the Three Legged Race and the Fishermen's Relay (teams of 4). Entrants must run the course in fishermen's overalls and boots and tag a teammate in who must change into said outfit and also run the course until all 4 have completed it.

Dates: 03-08-2020

12:20 PM - 2:00 PM