Amma's Kitchen

CATEGORIES: Arts & Culture, Food, Crafts

LOCATION: Gimli Park Pavilion

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Visit Amma's Kitchen at the Gimli Park Pavilion and enjoy authentic Icelandic treats! 

Sunday and Monday: Noon to 4:00 PM

Visit our NEW Amma's Kitchen pop-up at the Vingólf Beverage Gardens at Gimli Harbour
Saturday and Sunday

  • Vínarterta (layered prune cake)  
  • Pönnukökur (Icelandic pancake/crepe)                                 
  • Rullupylsa or Hangikjöt (lamb) and Icelandic Brown Bread  

Featuring locally roasted Flatland Coffee

*Not all items available in all locations 

Dates: 02-08-2020, 03-08-2020

Sunday and Monday Noon to 4:00 PM