Sandcastles Contest

**Due to the COVID-19 situation we will not be hosting an in-person sandcastle contest in 2020**

Thank you to our sponsors, Manitoba Hydro

Registration: Saturday of August long weekend, Gimli Beach, North of the Main Dock, 9:30 AM

Open to everyone. You may enter as a single or as a team. Teams formed with younger children will be categorized according to the age of the oldest participant.


  • All Groups start at 10:00 AM
  • If parents wish to direct children's activities, please enter the family category
  • Structure must be made of sand, but implements may be used to build it
  • Sculptures can be decorated with accessories (natural or artificial)
  • Any coloring used must be environmentally friendly
    (i.e. food colouring spray, coloured rice, etc) NO SPRAY PAINT ALLOWED

Judging is based on 5 categories:

  • Size
  • Sculpting
  • Originality
  • Accessories
  • Overall effect (if the structure is 3-dimensional, etc)


Pink Group: 11 years of age and under.
3/4 hour (45 mins) time limit allowed.
Group Cash Prizes: 1st - $35, 2nd - $25, 3rd - $15

Blue Group: 12-15 years of age
1 1/4 hour time limit ( 1 hr, 15 mins)
Group Cash Prizes: 1st - $50, 2nd - $40, 3rd - $30

Yellow Group: (family) 16 years of age and older or else a family group.
2 hour time limit.
Group Cash Prizes: 1st - $75, 2nd - $50, 3rd - $35

Competitive Open: Any age combination welcome.
2 hour time limit
Group Cash Prizes: 1st - $90, 2nd - $60, 3rd - $40