Viking Park Public Engagement Report

Icelandic Festival of Manitoba Major donor recognition opportunities are available in Viking Park for 2018.

Below is a link to the report that summarizes the community feedback’s regarding Viking Park. The report compiles information gathered last fall at the community consultation meeting, through surveys and via social media.

“We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time to either attend an information session or fill out the survey,” says Grant Stefanson, Co-Chair of the Viking Park Campaign. “We also extend our sincere appreciation to D.J. Sigmundson and William Barlow for compiling the comprehensive report.” “We are very pleased to see that 92 per cent of the survey respondents are either very satisfied or satisfied with Viking Park,” says Co-Chair Kathi Thorarinson Neal. Also, “many respondents feel strongly about connecting pathways and better shoreline maintenance.The Public Engagement report will be an important tool as we continue to consult and plan for the next phase.”

Five remaining settlement markers, garden recognition and pathway stones are all available to complete the development of the first phase of the Viking Park. The Festival will install all garden components from donations placed after March 15, 2017 in Spring of 2018. We encourage interested people to get their donations and pledges in to ensure recognition can be completed for installation before the 2018 Icelandic Festival. Our 2018 deadline will be May 15. Potential donors are encouraged to visit the Festival website or to contact the Cabinet members or the festival office for more details.

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