2017 Islendingadagurinn Theme: Discover Your Land

Melissa - Honest Agency

The Icelandic Festival in itself is a celebration of Iceland and Canada together. Visitors, sponsors, friends and locals, no matter who you are, while you are at the festival: we are all Icelandic and we are all Canadian. 

This year’s theme celebrates the coming together of Canadian and Icelandic culture forged together over 100 years. An important aspect of this year’s theme is storytelling. Storytelling is one way to unite these two distinct cultures. The stories of bold pasts and bright futures creates a bond that has endured through time. 

Brush strokes and brand elements are used to paint a story, while still featuring the runes within the headline, giving the type a mythical feeling. The brush strokes take the form of Canada and Iceland, while contrast and vibrancy conjure the celebratory feeling of the festival.

We are bound together by our rich histories, and the tales of bright and bold are emphasized. Despite being an ocean apart, our two countries are similar in strength, pride and perseverance. Bonded in northern weather and weight, we are fearless and enduring in our respective country’s landscapes.