Viking Park Pathway Stones

Jenna Boholij/Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

Together with the RM of Gimli and Betel Home Foundation, The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba is working to create a park around the famous Viking statue in Gimli, Manitoba. Since being built in 1967, the iconic Viking status has been symbolic of the strong Icelandic history and culture in Gimli, and in Manitoba. It is the goal of the Icelandic Festival and our partners to make the park more accessible to everyone and create a beautiful, educational space that future generations can enjoy.

As part of the Viking Park development we are offering a unique opportunity to leave your legacy and become part of the park forever. For donations over $125 you will receive a Pathway stone, which are an integral part of the park.

Small, Medium and Large Pathway stones are available. Click here for further information or to secure a pathway stone online. The deadline for stones to be included in the park opening is February 1, 2017

Large Pathway stone shown above